Monday, March 03, 2008

Ear for music

I rarely listen to music.

The radio is on when I'm in the car, sure, but that is mostly so I won't miss any thing John Tesh says. Normally, I am perfectly content to drive in silence. I've made extended car trips alone with no music. I am content in my quiet thoughts. When I am alone in the house, I rarely have any noise - television or music. I find myself so bombarded by noise all the time, the lack of noise is usually quite a relief.

Tonight on a whim, I downloaded a song I'd heard used in a commercial. I listened to it and did not turn off my iTunes. I have it on random at all times. I never know what I am in the mood to listen to so I find a mix is better. Somedays I'm like "Who knew I wanted to listen to Feist, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Dido, and Stone Sour? All in a row! Perfect."

I've been listening now for a few hours. It's been a nice treat to listen to songs I'd forgotten I liked. However, tomorrow I am going back to silence.


  1. I don't usually listen to music around the house, but I HAVE to have music in the car, especially on extended trips. I appreciate silence in my living space, but the road is already noisy, so I'd rather drown it out with something I like. Plus, I always sing in my car (even if for some random reason, I don't have music on).

  2. If I'm not listening to music, I have a song going through my head. I wish I could listen to music more. As my brother puts it, we are musically greedy.
    I do not judge your randomness in your music mood. Itunes was playing on random, that sounds very similar to some play lists I've created. It may seem random but there is a natural progression. I equate it to the word association game.

  3. That is so funny as I can not live with out music. I think it drowns out the emotions I have at the end of the day. I find it as an out, its a treat for me after listening to my kids scream all day.

  4. I absolutely must have music in the car - drowns out the road noise and the strange clicking from the left rear wheel (which I really should have checked!). At home it's to drown out the husband (or if he's not home any spooky noises).


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