Thursday, February 21, 2008

The solution to everything

Our phone line was broken. I turned off the ringer yesterday before I went to sleep and when I woke up we had no dial tone. Ky called Sasktel to make them come fix it. I was glad she did it, but being that I am working nights all weekend, I knew he would come when it was least good for me.

The guy called at noon to tell me he was coming over. By the time he arrived, the phone line was back on. Then Securetek (our alarm system) called to tell me the line was broken. Thanks a bunch. Heaven forbid I had someone - oh I don't know - break in and try to kill us in our sleep while the phone line was down. Good to know we're safe unless there is a power outage.

The phone guy showed up and the pups fell in love with him. I told him the phone was working again and he stayed another 10 mins to play with the dogs. He asked if he could buy Vicki and he was serious. The dogs have been so F&*^&%*ing bad today I almost let him have all of them for the low price of my sanity. But I didn't.

I would like to be nominated for sainthood. You can start the paperwork.


  1. Ugh...I'll get working on the nomination.

  2. Thank you. Be sure you spell my name correctly.

  3. I will most definitely.

  4. I love my dog, but easily 60% of the time if someone offered me some cash I'd take it! She is a terrier after all.


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