Monday, February 25, 2008

Poorly cared for

It is closing in on spring. I can tell. The snow in the backyard is starting to show the poop. It is clearly time for the grass to start showing and the weather to stop dropping to -35 on a regular basis.

I hate this time of year as I struggle to decide when to have the dog's hair cut. Too soon and 10 lb Vicki freezes like a popsicle, Madison's underskin gets frost bite and Monty - well, he's too thick to have anything happen to him. If I wait too late, Lyn's allergies are driven crazy and Vicki's belly is covered in teeny tiny dreadlocks. It amazes me she can do this every year. There are hordes of artists and homeless people who would love to know her secret.

Tonight, Madison looks like she's been using lard to do her hair. I think she's going for the "wet" look. I've been having to put ear drops in her ears for the last week. 5 drops, 2x a day. She is not happy about it. When I bring out the medicine bottle, she goes to her kennel. I struggle to put the drops in her ears and smoosh them around so the medicine does it's job. To no avail. As soon as I let her from my lap, Madison runs to the front door carpet and rubs her ears on the ground. This causes all the drops to leave her ears and instead get smeared on her hair and the carpet. We have another week of this.

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  1. Don't cut Vicki too short or I won't love her as much. No, seriously.


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