Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The worst part

I forgot to mention it here. See, my brain is on vacation.

It's almost time. The waxing happens on Friday. I am petrified. And extremely hairy. By that I mean disgustingly hairy. Like European women in their 50s disgusting.

The only good thing about being forced to grow one's body hair for an entire month is that by the time the end date comes, you don't care at all what the pain might be. You just want to be clean and smooth again. And feel less like one of those overly hairy guys who has tufts of fur coming through the opening of their shirt.


  1. Oh happy waxing - it's super fun. You think it's traumatic being hairy, well... I'm mostly kidding, mostly.

  2. Good luck... I pretty much only shave once a month, so... yeah. :)

  3. Advice about decreasing the pain of waxing:
    - never wax during your period
    - never wax if you feel sick with a cold
    - the more times you get it done, the less it hurts
    - the esthetician makes all the difference
    - an bikini wax will always hurt the most so ask to have it done first if possible. It will make the rest seem like a breeze.
    Keep in mind that some people just have a higher pain threshold than others. I'm one of these freaks that sleeps through most of it.

  4. I dunno... when I got my legs done I had hair two days later. I figured it was a waste of money.

    Good luck.

  5. For a bikini wax, I would trim it before you go. More hair means more pulling. I was heard across the parking lot.

    If its your legs I wouldn't worry too much about it. It will hurt for a second, kind of like slapping your hand on your leg type of burn. But the nice smooth legs will be worth it and it will feel and be so sexy!!!!!

    For a bikini wax you never get use to the pain. That is like telling a guy to wipe with fly paper and eventually the pain sensation will dissipate.

  6. I'm with teacher lady. The more you get it done, the less it hurts. Arm pits hurt more than ass crack. Take an ibuprofen before you go to reduce inflamation.

  7. give birth..then waxing is like a vacation...hahaha! maybe they should give waxing epidurals???

  8. good luck with that. the guy will have to start calling you 'Slick'.

  9. More waxing advice:
    - Take an ibuprofen or other painkiller before you go to the appointment.
    - I highly recommend a combination of gentle exfoliation (like, a wet washcloth) and hydrocortizone cream (found at any drugstore) to help with redness, bumps, irritation, etc.
    - Wear loose-ish underwear that won't chafe anywhere you might be extra sensitive, not the pair that you accidentally bought in a smaller size or the ones that shrank in the dryer. Srsly.

    Might I add that I am SO JEALOUS of your trip to A Warm Place? Have a couple of non-alchoholic girly drinks for me, will ya?

  10. Take an antihistamine too. It will help with your skin sensitivity, okies?

  11. You guys are hilarious. Thanks for all the advice. I used it and did ok.

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