Friday, January 18, 2008

Hairless as a newborn kitten

That title was strictly to make my sisters go "Ew". Ha. I amuse myself greatly.

So, today was the great waxing of 2008. May I first say, "Owy, owy, owy, owy." Over all it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, but there were a few times where I screamed "Kelly Clarkson" for sure.

The esthetician was quite nice and friendly and we talked about our puppies which always makes the time go faster. She remarked how hairless my legs were. I was impressed. However, even she - a three year veteran- was surprised by my underarms. I don't believe she had ever seen a cowlick there before.

We chatted and she pulled and I screeched and all went well. I asked as many questions of the process as I could - mostly in a way to pry into how hairy other women are. I guess it's the fact I've never really seen a lot of "natural" women naked or that Hollywood women always seem naturally hairless, but I assumed I was the worst ever. She assured me I wasn't even the worst that day.

I suppose that part of my confusion and lack of information is stemming from society's need for women to hide our imperfections from each other. I mean, I can't remember ever hearing women say "You would not believe how hairy my butt crack is." or even anything along those types of personal lines.

In these days of grand overshare, there are still some things we pretend don't exist. Body hair is one of them. Sure we all admit the need for razors and shaving cream and waxers, but we will only really talk about the end result and not the reason for why we do it. Not that I am suggesting at all that we quit shaving or waxing (trust me, I will never be lazy again!) but just that we shouldn't be so grossed out by each other's (or our own - UGH) body hair.

That all said, the only place I hurt now is my armpits. I am hoping the bumps and redness are gone by Monday. Also, I haven't been able to put my arms to my side because it's still a bit sticky and I'm scared I will be stuck like that forever.


  1. Ha! You got your waxing cherry popped! ;) Again, my suggestion for the bumps: gentle exfoliation and cortizone cream. It's the only thing that worked for me when I was getting rrrrrripped on a regular basis.

    And it does get easier the more regularly you go.

    I hope your trip is AWESOME.

  2. Ok Bron, the cowlicks on your armpits? That is sooo disgusting!!! I laughed, then almost threw up my homemade bacon, egg, and cheese McGraemuffin. (He made it)

    If I were in Regina I would've french braided the pets under your arms!


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