Saturday, December 29, 2007

And a hairy New Year!

In 23 days, I leave for Cuba. I am starting to get excited and planning all the things I have to pack. I have made appointments to update my shots, get my hair done and to have my first ever waxing.

I have never waxed anything on my body before. I tried once, but it was a home kit and I got scared and it didn't really work, so that doesn't count. This is a professional person whose job it is to take layers of hair (and likely skin) off strangers bodies.

I am waxing the whole kit and caboodle - legs, underarms, bikini. I went into to the salon to make the appointment and see if it was a comfortable atmosphere. I asked some questions of the hair-remover girl and tried to learn as much as possible of the whole wax on wax off ordeal. It was then she informed me that for a good waxing, one must grown their hair out for 3 - 4 weeks. She suggested since it was my first time, I should stop shaving on Dec 18th.

Now, I'm not the greatest when it comes to remembering to shave at the best of times, but even to me a whole month sounded like too much. I pushed it as far as I could and had my last hairless day on the 21st. I figure 3 days couldn't make too much of a difference. But now I'm well into a week and some and I'm starting to gross myself out. I can't imagine what I am going to look like at the end of it. Likely much akin to the ape adorning my new header.

The Guy has requested I wear long sleeves and knee high socks for the remainder of the month. He doesn't want to be traumatized by the Yeti.

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