Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have you heard?

Did I mention my Dad leaves today? Because he does. Right now.

I got up at 5:15 am today. Normally, the only time I see 5:15 am is on my way home from work. However, today I got up and I got up cheerful.

Six weeks is a long time. Even for someone you love. For someone you tolerate, it seems like an eternity! Just kidding. Mostly.

So, I loaded up their luggage into my car, hauled them to the airport and said goodbye at the door. I got home, cuddled back into bed and started to post this.

Then the phone rang.

Tanya forgot her meds on the counter in the basement. Meds she needs quite badly - heart, blood pressure and other.

So, I got back in the car, back on the road and went back to the airport. I went up through security, pushed my way through a long line of people and handed the meds to a very confused old man security guard. He put them through the checky thingy (that's the official name for it) and Dad picked them up on the other side.

As I was heading home again, Dad called. I almost answered immediately saying there was no way I was making a third trip. However, he was calling because Tanya wanted to thank me. She did and once again apologized for staying with me for 6 weeks (she's been apologizing for the last 5). I told her I was happy to have them with me. Which is true. Mostly.

Now I am back at home and revelling in my aloneness. It is not even 7 am.

The things I will do to get that man out of the country.

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