Sunday, December 30, 2007

Consensus please?

I am uploading all my CDs onto my computer. So far, I have spent about 8 hours on this project and am still nowhere near done. It's interesting though to look at all the money I have spent on crap (seriously what was I thinking?) and all the songs I listen to repeatedly versus none at all.

I am finding one thing annoying. I use iTunes and I love it. It organizes and does what I want. However. I am very confused about how it labels music. I am assuming it looks online and picks it up from somewhere. I need to talk to iTunes because they have got a mis-informant.

For example. I have three Jack Johnson CDs. I love Jack. His music is soothing and his words are poignant (for the most part. Some are just about pancakes.) My point is, for these three CDs, iTunes has labelled them each in different genres. Pop. Rock. And... my favourite. Alternative & Punk.

WTF? For one, I consider Jack more of the new folk genre. Pop, I can understand because he's on the radio. Rock? Well, that's pushing it. But, alternative & punk? Not only is that stealing Rhythm & Blues idea to combine themselves and that's just rude. But it is just not right.

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