Friday, December 07, 2007

No sugarplum dreams

Most people I know have these elaborate dreams of other worlds and excitement. I do not. My dreams are at best mundane and at most ridiculous. I had two such dreams last night.

In the first, The Guy was furiously mad at me. I had upset him greatly. This is funny because we haven't had even the smallest disagreement. I blame this on our conflicting work schedules. I am sure if we spent more than two hours together a week we would find something to fight about. However, the fact he was mad wasn't the strangest part. It was the reason he was mad.

I had ruined his fashion show. This is a man who wears jeans and T-shirts. His idea of dress up is one of his many shirts that his co-workers tease him are made from picnic table covers. So, him in a fashion show seems silly.

I blame this dream on the fact that yesterday I accidentally texted Janice that he was coming to dinner "too fancy". I meant to say he was coming to dinner as well, but my cell adds random words I can't explain.

In my second dream, I went to visit my mother. I tend to have frequent dreams where my mother is alive. In the dreams, I don't even notice this is an oddity. It's not until after I am awake I realize I could have asked her pressing questions or just revelled in the time we had together. What did I do in this dream? No, she didn't tell me to make Lyn's lunch again. This time, I did her dishes.

I don't even do dishes in real life. Why did I feel the need to do them in my dream? My mother was clearly annoyed that I was going to clean so she suggested we play pool instead. In her life, I don't remember my mother ever playing pool. In her afterlife? Apparently she is all about it.

Two dreams and I have the ridiculous and the mundane. I am going to go back to sleep and see what else I can come up with.


  1. So, do you wish you had dreams about a monster in Dolly Parton's lake? Most of the time when I remember a dream my immediate reponse is "What the crap?"

  2. fyi: 2 nights ago I dreamed that George Burns had an apartment block full of families whose children were his... so he pretty much had a bldg full of concubines and kids... WHA??? I'd take angry fashion shows with ppl I know over Georgie any day! haha :)


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