Sunday, December 09, 2007

And we're only two months in

It is too cold here to do anything. So cold the dogs don't even want to go outside long enough to go to the bathroom. Madison figures that is why we have a basement. Careful where you step.

But because it's too cold to go out very much, the dogs have a lot of expendable energy. This means a lot of chewing, whining and fighting. Usually I can give them bones to chew, the ball to chase or something to distract them. Tonight I had plans, so I figured they were on their own.

The dogs have been having a bad night. Montel ate one of my shoes. Vicki ate frozen poop and Madison ate a bowl of peanuts.

This is going to be a long winter.

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  1. Isn't winter with dogs fun? The only bright side for me is that once we get a fair amount of snow George doesn't mind going out as much cause she actually likes the snow (well that and I don't have to pick-up after her till spring).


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