Saturday, December 01, 2007

Choral reef

Tonight, I went to see Ky, Lyn and Jamie perform with their choir. It was a very scary piece about war. One part of it talked about the burning of animals and made me very upset. (I don't like people who are mean to animals. Animals and babies. They never did anything to you! Why do you torment them so? Be mean to people. People deserve it.)

Anyway. Here are my favourite parts of the evening:
  • The drums banged really loud and a lady screamed. I only jumped really high in the air, so I was proud of my restraint.
  • The triangle player got totally into her part and ended up tossing her triangle to the floor.
  • The oboe player was very good. It is a deep instrument and I like it.
  • The first violin was awesome. He needs his own TV show. And to be my grandpa.
  • The part where it sounded like the wind was blowing. I thought everyone was just breathing through their noses and someone had a whistling booger. I found out later it was rain sticks. Much less cool.
  • The desserts.


  1. trying to sleep next to someone with a whistling booger can make one go maaaaaaaaad.

  2. The lady screaming was my favourite part. I could not stop laughing.

    I missed the triangle part! I was on the wrong side!

    The rain sticks made my daddy think his oxygen tank was too loud. He tried turning it down then off before he realised what was going on.

    'Member when feedback from a hearing aid made each of us think we had a the loudest whistling booger ever?

  3. Oh don't even get me started on whistling boogers!

    Sorry you didn't like the concert, I was in a choir once and the director picked the worst music. It's a bummer to have to sing or listen to bad music!

  4. Hey, it was GREAT music.

  5. Don't get me wrong. I thought the music was great. Just scary. And it was supposed to be scary.


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