Friday, December 14, 2007

Channelling Martha

Since I am spending Christmas with The Guy and his family, I knew I had to come up with something to impress The Mother. I think I did okay the first time I met her, but I want that trend to continue. So, I decided it is all about the Christmas gift/ Hostess gift.

The Guy keeps telling me it's a pretty casual affair and I don't need to bring a gift. To me, that's just wrong. So, I am getting a gift for his grandparents and one for his parents. But honestly, that means "his grandmother" and "his mother".

Grandparents got the brown suede couch throw I bought on Boxing Day sale last year. I figured old people are always cold, this is a good thing. I threw in a really cute ornament I got for a dollar at Dollarama. Threw it all into a decorative bag and boom super impressive.

The Mother was a different story. I had decided on a centre piece or a decorative thingy for her table. Now, to buy or to make was the challenge. I found a great one for $20, but I thought that was too much - both for our budding relationship of girlfriend and guy's mother and for my wallet. So, I decided to make one.

Here it is. It took me longer to scrape the price tag from the bottom of the vase than it did to make it.

What I did was buy two things of potpourri mix (one scented apple cinnamon and one plain), two vases and a piece of ribbon.

  • Mixed the green potpourri with the red one.
  • Threw the mix in the vase.
  • Tied it with the ribbon.
  • Cut some tissue paper type stuff and shoved it in the top to keep the smell trapped.
  • Revelled in my talent and brilliance.
  • Decided to take a picture to show off.

I am the greatest gift giver of all time. And now I have an extra one made for someone else and enough to make a third - possibly a fourth. Sweet deal, eh?


  1. I love it. You and me and our crafty behaviors. That's a gooder.

  2. I knew you would appreciate it!! And both those were made for under $20 in total. Actually, for under $18. I bought a chocolate bar too.


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