Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pretty political

I have noticed a strange phenomenon in Canadian politics lately. And I have to say, I blame Hollywood. Our government has shifted both federally and provincially and I'm not sure it's for the better. We have voted for the pretty guy.

Previously, both our Prime Minister and our Premier have looked like old men. Actually, they look like my Grandpa (Without his teeth. Just before he died.) Both leaders were ineffectual and likely senile, but they looked like they had been somewhere.

Now? As a nation, we voted for the guy with the best hair. He's photogenic, charismatic and hiding horns and a tail suave. He's so excited to be George W's best friend, he can hardly keep himself from crawling directly up his butt. So far, he's removed funding to educational programs and women's programs across the country and still managed to keep that part low profile. He's the Posh Spice of the Canadian political world. Despite all the stupid and ugly things about him, we seem to be mesmerized.

As a province, we have just elected the guy most likely to wear white sheets in his off time. He has a secret agenda which he curbs because the public would lynch him if they really knew. He tries to play the good ol' country boy and family man. Then he takes his private jet to the Grey Cup. You can see the wheels turning in his head when he speaks - I am sure that everything coming out of his mouth is intended to be a sound byte. And yet, our people love him.

Normally I am not political. Well, that's not true, but normally I don't talk about it. I just think that we have been too influenced by the pretty and charismatic and less worried about what these people actually stand for. That's all I am saying.


  1. uhhh....your Grampa Lorne was the one that bought that private jet...just sayin'

  2. You forgot: not only does our Prime Minister have righteous hair, but the prettiest eyes. Just look at them!

  3. I mean "but also." Arg. Proofread before you hit publish, Ky!

  4. Jason: That is true. I'm not saying it was right. Don't tell me you are a green voter?? Seriously. I may have to move.

    Ky: You have the weirdest crush on that man.

  5. The worst part is he's not even good looking. He's just the best looking out of the two.

    Sorry Ky.

  6. I don't have a crush on that man. Yuck. Did you not see him in that vest and skinny tie in MacLeans? I just think he has righteous hair and pretty eyes.

  7. Oh yeah - that's how we do it here in the good ole' US of A (though I really don't see how that explains 'W'). Just the other day they did a spot on the news about the candidate with the best smile - 'cause that's what I look for in a leader.

  8. I can't stand his hair. It is always the same, never out of place.... it sickens me a little. You know the plastic dolls, with their plastic hair? He has plastic hair.

  9. Horns and a tail?
    I have reported this blog entry to the government. Expect a visit.

  10. Just the other day I overheard someone talking about how "pretty" John Edwards is... how they had a "crush" on him and that he had their vote. I wanted to strangle the sense into them.

    Mandy, I second that on W. Not voted in on looks or smarts, for sure.
    I had the same FEELING about W that you have about your PM, May. Look how that turned out.

    I'll return to being quiet now.


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