Thursday, November 22, 2007

Can't sleep, boogers will drown me

Why is it that with as tired as I am, I can only sleep in two hour shifts?


  1. Time for Nyquil? I have the worst time sleeping when I'm at that stage. I do really elaborate things to make sure I can sleep -- hydrate a lot, and then put my face over steam to clear me out, and then take a cold medication and sleep with my head on more than one pillow.

    I hate colds, and so I'm sorry that you have one.

  2. It's a coping mechanism built into your reptilian brain, y'see. Since you're all boogery, your brain knows you can't evade danger as well as you normally could, so you wake up every 2 hours to make sure no one is sneaking up on you!

    (I'm totally making that up. Did it sound convincing?)

  3. well if you'd like...please come to my house and deal with my 4 week old every two hours so I can sleep...hey, you're up anyway right??

  4. Isn't the human body stupid sometimes? The time when you need sleep the most is usually when you can't.


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