Thursday, November 01, 2007

33x365: Dave RCMP

He took me to The Phantom of the Opera when we were 16. I dressed up in a skirt (I was forced to by my mother who said you can't go to something like that in jeans) and he picked me up in his truck. It was a fantastic show and I loved every second of it. He invited me to Les Miserables which was coming the next month and I declined because I already had tickets. When he dropped me off at home, I told him that if he mentioned to anyone he saw me in a skirt I would beat him up.

It was 8 years later I realized that might have been a date.

He was part of the outskirts of my life throughout high school and college. I adored him, but anything more never occurred to me. He was just Dave. He's now an RCMP and I haven't seen him in years.

I still wish I had invited him to be my grad date.


  1. So you broke his heart and he ran away to join the RCMP? ;-)

  2. Joe: Essentially. But, at least it wasn't the circus.

    CBF: I have The Guy now. I don't need to find him.

  3. And we know just where he is because a friend of mine is dating his brother.

  4. Yes, you have a guy. but you also have sisters.

  5. And no, none of my sisters can have him. Forget it.

  6. Thats funny I was looking for myself and found you. I'm not bothering ya I hope just making a comment tis all


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