Sunday, July 22, 2007


It is so bloody hot in this house I could die. It has been the worst summer for sticky, sweaty, humid, horrendously hot temperatures. Weeks have gone by with the temperature not making it below 20 degrees. Which means, I - of the no air conditioned house that faces West and has no trees and gets the most sun - am MELTING.

There is little I want to do when the temp gets this hot. When I can't even cool the house down at night by more than two degrees. I only want to do nothing and drink cold things. That is all. And I can't even do that comfortably.

It is hot. I can't sleep when it is like this. Thus, I am grouchy. And I want to swear at everything. Not because it helps, but because my brain has ceased to function and those are the only words I can think of. My shirt has been on me for about 10 minutes and already the neck is damp. This summer without air conditioning sucks. SUCKS. Seriously.

The worst part is - even when it is this hot, the dogs want to cuddle. With me. They all want to be touching me at all times. Vicki across my shoulders, Montel and Madison on each side, and Davy at my feet.

All I can say is that having a personal sauna had better make me lose weight. I am not sweating this hard for nothing.


  1. You know, having suddenly gone from one to the other, I can't decide which is worse: dealing with that terrible heat, or being in weather that's non-stop rainy and too cold to wear shorts (much less a bathing suit). Right now, I'm envying the heat, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be saying that if I was at your house right now.

  2. Here's an idea of how hot it was this weekend. I was wearing a white bra with a red tank top (I forgot to take a black bra to the cabin) and my bra is now pink. I shit you not. I have had this red tank top for nearly 2 years, and have washed it at least once a week that entire time, on account of how often I wear it.
    I think I'll take the rain.

  3. oh no..that is soooo hot without an air have my extreme sympathy!! It's supposed to be 49 here today..but we installed central air last month...Thank the good Lord! You can come over if you want :)

  4. I know this situation all too well. Only I have an air conditioner... that's broken. So it sits there, taunting me with how much cooler I could be if only the damned thing worked.

  5. Yep, very hot out. We did get a small window air conditioner with the house that seems to cool off the living room fairly well, but the lack of sofa seems to make sleeping in the living room difficult.

  6. AMEN!!! Enough with the heat already! I get's summer. LET'S MOVE ON!! Bring on Autumn!

    I work in a greenhouse. Enough said.


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