Sunday, July 22, 2007

being a dog mom sucks

Yesterday, I was out playing with the dogs in the backyard. I throw the ball, they all run for it (except Davy, of course) and then Maddy brings it back. At one point, she decided not too and left it in the middle of the grass. I got up to get it, leaned over and my glasses fell off. Right into a fresh pile of dog poop. I almost threw up. I picked up the glasses gingerly by the arm (non-pooped) and ran into the house. First, I ran them under boiling hot water. Then, I poured rubbing alcohol all over them. And then I washed them again. Finally, after thorough inspection, I felt okay to wear them again.

Last night Wade came over for supper and asked if I'd been painting. There was residue from the peroxide left on my glasses. I admitted I had not and that I would tell him the story when there wasn't food around. He looked at me silently for some time and said he likely didn't want to know.

He's probably right. I will tell him the story once I get my new glasses.

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