Thursday, July 12, 2007

Church antics

It always amuses me how some of the funniest things occur during church.

One of the ministers was talking about how he'd had a great visit at an old folks home with some elderly family members we know. He talked about the lovely supper they had and how everyone took their time getting through the meal. He exclaimed "They would spend an hour and a half just enjoying the meal and their company". I leaned over to one of the minister's wives and said, "That is only because to old people, every meal might be their last. They might as well try and enjoy it."

In another particularly long service, I commented to my seat mate, Janny, that my butt was numb. No matter which way I shifted, I could not get comfortable. I requested a butt massage just to see what her response would be. She said she would if I got up right then (while the congregation was sitting) and stood directly in front of her. At that moment, the minister announced we could stand. Before anyone else could get up, I jumped to my feet, stood directly in front of Janny and looked over my shoulder expectantly.

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