Thursday, July 12, 2007

No more holidays

Every time I take a day off, I get sick. Right now it feels as though I have eaten many, many handfuls of tiny glass shards. I think I have consumption. Or TB. That would be bad.

My time away was very eventful. It started out with major complications that plagued me throughout my holidays.

Two highlights:
  • many, many dog sitters were unable to take care of my little beasts. I would make arrangements, think it was all dealt with and then had to make brand new ones. From another city, this wasn't the easiest thing to do. I am assuming people heard about Vicki trying to kill me and figured they had better things to do. However, no baby sitter for them meant they joined us in NB for the last weekend. We all know how well my dogs do with a ton of people. It was a gong show.

  • I sent Jess into the house to set the alarm that Ky was sure she hadn't set. Jess was doing me this huge favour. The only problem? Ky had actually set the alarm. Jess set it off and I had neglected to give her the code. The alarm company called the cops when they couldn't get a hold of me. Jess is still in prison. If you want to send her cards or emails... kidding. I was able to cancel the cops from showing up before that happened. Still, I'm not sure Jess will EVER forgive me.
I have many stories from the week or so, but I will scatter them out so you all have something to read for the next few days.


  1. So the fully rested plan didn't quite work, eh?


  2. You're back!!! Yay... can't wait to hear the stories...always good.


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