Thursday, May 03, 2007

Busy as a bee

I can't think of the word "bee" without thinking of the John Lovitz skit from SNL. "Under these clothes, I'm as naaaked as a bee."

That has nothing to do with this post.

Jess has complained that I have neglected the blog. This is true, but it's for good reason. I have been neglecting everything. My house is disgustingly dirty. I have started packing up my clothes and books, but the rest of the house has not been touched. This weekend I have 5 extra guests and am working nights. I should really clean the bathroom.

I am behind in everything. I still haven't caught up on TV from two weeks ago. The only thing I have accomplished is reading 4 books in the last two weeks. One was on the way to and from a meeting on Monday. I have done my taxes a day late. The dogs have been forgotten more times than remembered. Many nights they have gotten fed at 11pm because I haven't remembered during the day.

So, between trying to organize my mind for moving and spending any overlapping time with the guy whose schedule is exactly opposite of mine 3 weeks out of 4, I've been a busy little girl. I keep thinking of things I have to do... and then not doing them. Also, I'm not funny right now, so it makes for awkward blogging. I will try and improve.


  1. Who's coming to your house this weekend? Other than (apparently) Shannon?

  2. Shannon, Ang and Gina. Also, my friend and her daughter are coming for Saturday night.


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