Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ah the good ol' days

I continually look back on the 90's with fondness. I maintain there is no better music than what came out during '92-'96. I still wish it were cool to tuck in the front part of your shirt while leaving the back hanging down. I think fondly of the swoopy bangs and thick eye liner and chunky shoes. I've always thought the '90s were the greatest.

Until last night.

I went through my closet and tried on everything in it. I put a 4x4 box of clothes out for good will. The dresses I loved (gold lame over snake skin - hello!) and the shoes I wore with abandon were no longer cute in my eyes. I was crushed. My favourite velvet LBD had to be given to good will. My memories of the '90s are now tainted with the question - Did I ever look okay?

I discovered two things about myself during my trek down memory lane.
  1. I was kind of a whore. Every skirt was at least 6 inches above my knee and had a half decent slit up the side. One dress I tried on barely covered my tuckus (which I proved by backing into Ky's room and bending down!)
  2. I may have been a drag queen in the '90s. Please note the shoes.


  1. Gold lame over snakeskin? Tuckus? Those heels?

    Are you sure you weren't a drag queen in the mid-90s?

  2. Argh, you beat me to the joke!

  3. My sister and I spend too much time talking. We've started sharing a brain.

  4. Started to share a brain? I do believe that we have been referred to as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern since university. We can be so much a like at times even we get us confused.

  5. You should go through Jann's closet from the 90's!! that girl had platform HIKING BOOTS....eep!

  6. Listen up B! I think it is time you recommit yourself to your blog. The material has been pretty thin around here and frankly I don't work at work, I read blogs, so get busy. We might have to talk about how your new man is interfering with my life! Ha! Get typing!


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