Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dancing Partners

This Friday, I sucked up all my courage and went with KB to a ballroom dancing drop in. She has been trying to get me to take classes with her and I agreed to check it out.

It is a long standing joke in my family about my lack of grace, style, rhythm, moves, etc. In fact, my dancing has caused many people to faint from lack of air due to laughing. I haven't got a dancing move in my body. You think I am exaggerating, but I promise you... I am not.

I can't stop thinking long enough to let myself just dance. I think I look foolish and therefore I do. It's sad really. I think Amanda stole all my dance moves when she was a kid. However, I thought about it and I figured that a dance with steps might be more accomplishable (that is so not a word) than just trying to boogie on the dance floor to the latest song.

The drop in thing was pretty interesting. KB showed she still remembered some of the things she learned when she first took classes and it didn't look nearly as scary as I thought. Until I was asked to dance. By the one type of guy who is never failed to be mesmerized by my beauty. He was 5'6" with a mullet below his shoulders and smelled... odd. I finally did dance with him once just so I wouldn't be that snooty bag who refused to dance with the short guy.

I learned the rumba. Badly, but I learned the basic steps.

Anyway, KB couldn't figure out where she knew the guy from. Suddenly it dawned on her. She had seen his picture on Lavalife when she was looking up the guy I had a date with last week. I immediately went into the site, removed my photo and blocked the dancing guy from seeing my info. That is NOT a situation I want to deal with in the future. I have enough problems.

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