Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Notice me!!

I have a new email address. It is bronwyn.mayb at gmail dot com I took notes from the Queen and got a gmail account. I love it. It's so fancy. And I can talk to people on there and everything. So, you can now write me at a new address. Not that any of you write me. Or talk to me. Or whatever.


  1. I have a gmail account. I have received email from two real people (buddies from work) for a total of like 10 messages and my total of spam messages is a million. I get spam on my yahoo account too, but I've had that address for 8 years. (Just an fyi. I think this was from a programming hole that they've subsequently fixed.)

  2. i never use my gmail account. i don't think i've ever given anyone my gmail account.

    and i get a million spam messages too.

    i give out my hotmail address like it's going out of style, and rarely get solicited to buy viagra or make my penis larger.

    just sayin'.

  3. I am constantly geting penis enlargment spam on my hotmail. It never ends. I thought that was just a part of free email account. Although, maybe I should take them up on it. Maybe my penis is too small.

  4. I've been using my gmail account as my main email account for a few weeks now and love it. Labels are so much better for archiving than folders.

    What do people do with their email addresses that results in so much spam? I get maybe 3 or 4 spams a day.

  5. Yeah, I don't get a significant amount of spam either, and I've had my gmail account for over a year now. Welcome, Bron!

  6. I think this only proves there is a significant difference to old gmail and new. That and Amanda, Roger and I visit a lot of porn sites which result in a lot of spam.

  7. I think it is forwards. If you don't send forwards, you won't get spam.

    Unfortunately, I did not figure this out until too late.


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