Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah, Regina

Monday, the snow was melting so fast no one could keep up. The streets were flooded and the neighbours could all be seen trying to chip pathways in the remaining ice to make rivers towards the drain system. The grass was starting to show and my sump pump was working a million miles a minute.

Tonight, the snow is coming down so thick you can't see in front of your car. As quick as we could wipe the snow from our windshields, they were covered again. I am actually a little worried we will be trapped in house come tomorrow morning. The snow has been coming down for about 2 hours now and most of the side streets are plugged already.

When I went to let the dog outside, she looked at me like "You're kidding right?" and then turned back into the house. I'm not ready for another winter. I know it's Saskatchewan and we're used to 8 months of snow, but this is ridiculous.

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