Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Huh what?

I am on hold right now listening to the worst version of "Hey Jude" ever. The musical version. The operatic musical version. It's as though Andrew Lloyd Webber got a hold of the song rights and wrote an entire show around it. There is the tenor who I believe is Jude. Then there is a soprano who is likely his mother and a cast of thousands humming and filling in bits of background harmony.

Oh, there go the French horns. Answered by the tuba. It just gets better.

I am half hoping the person on the other end doesn't answer. I'm excited to hear the big finish.


  1. Ha! That's totally fantastic!

  2. That's awesome. That might even be better than the wedding I went to where they were playing instumental covers of pop songs and all of them were break-up songs.
    Everytime I get put on hold part of me wants better music and part of me loves how bad the music actually is.


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