Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blood Daimond

Last night, Ky and I went to Blood Diamond. I urge you to see it. If you can handle much blood and real looking death, it is an amazing movie. If you can ignore Leo's wavering accent, he was an amazing actor.

I would like to take back all mean things I have said about Leonardo DiCaprio. Especially calling him "Di-Craprio" and saying he looks like Ellen DeGeneres. He was utterly fantastic and believably mean and awesomely hot (and Ky and I decided that his little potbelly is uber sexy).

The movie really showed the horrors associated with the diamond trade and all the problems in Africa. It made me really sad for the children and the families and all that. Child soldiers and horrible militia and a lifestyle that none of us could ever understand.

And if this review doesn't convince you to see the movie... then you have no soul. Kidding. You just have no social conscience. And that is something entirely different.


  1. I saw it a few weeks ago, excellent flick. You were right to make fun of Leo DiCraprio in recent years though. He was one of my favourite actors back when he was doing things like The Basketball Diaries and What's Eating Gilbert Grape but recently his choices of roles have been horrible, but with Blood Diamond and The Departed he seems to have found his way again.

    Oh and he looks nothing like Ellen...Owen Wilson on the other hand...

  2. You're the third person now whose movie opinion I respect saying that Blood Diamond was really good. So maybe I'll see it. I wasn't going to because one of my hugest pet peeves is actors whose accents are bad and inconsistent. You can tell from the trailer that his accent isn't great.

  3. I knew I shouldn't have let A. see it. Ah well, live and learn.


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