Sunday, February 18, 2007

Made up facts and panic

I may have head lice.

It is a little known fact (meaning... I made it up) that little children with lice love to cuddle.

Another little known fact is that they love to cuddle with people susceptible to contracting head lice (that means to get it, not to hire it to remodel the kitchen).

A true fact about me is that I have had head lice more times than I care to remember. I have thick, thick, thick, wavy hair. Hair that is a lice's playground. They dream about it when they go to bed at night in thin little blond hairs.

I have had lice a zillion times in elementary school and a few times in my 20s. The ones in my adulthood have been from the nature of my work for the most part. Except for the one time. Where Ky and Lyn got it from my cousins and we all ended up standing in the kitchen in our towels when my brother came home with his friends. I'm still mortified.

And now, I may have it again. But I am alone and can't check. And when I think about it, I itch. But I'm not sure if I itch when I am not thinking about it. Therein lies the problem. So, I wait until a three ring circus of little critters dances around and/or someone comes home who can check me.

My job rocks.

So, how many of you just scratched your head??

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