Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My life hates me

I'm pouting here. If you're going to tell me things aren't that bad or that I am exaggerating or that I should suck it up, then I want you to leave. Or get beaten with a lead pipe. Whichever.

I have had about 6 years of suckiness in my life. 6 years of everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I mean, yes, there has been good things, but mostly they came out of sucky things so it's hard to be happy about them. But this last two weeks has taken the cake.

I was tired and grouchy and needed a holiday. I had been saving for a year and had enough to go to away. Mel and I booked our tickets to Vegas and I have been waiting in anticipation ever since. But apparently, Vegas is evil and it has destroyed everything else in my life.

First, Mel had to rearrange the dates because of her work. It cost us an extra $200 each, but gave us an extra day, so it was worth it. Then, she got the call saying she didn't have to be around when they thought, so we didn't actually have to change the dates. Fine.

Then, because I am driving to Alberta to get Mel before we leave, I took my car into the shop to get an oil change and check up. I mentioned that it was running rough, but never thought anything of it. $1300 later, I had a new clutch.

Last week, I got a letter from the city saying they are upgrading the street beside my house. It's not my street, but because I'm on a corner lot, I have to pay for it. $1500. Uh huh.

Today, the city crew came to look at my sewer system and it's connection to the city line. They found that my line was completely blocked and actually caving in in places. They cleared it out as best they could but it's only half the operational power it should be. It will need to be replaced within the next two years.

Add that to the sump pump, the flooding, the shingles, the shrubs, etc... There is no way I can afford to fix it all. All my savings went to my Mastercard and now I have nothing left.

All I can say is that I damn well better win in Vegas.


  1. Oy. I'm sending you some hugs. And a few from Christopher, because he gives good hugs. (And remind me of all of these things when I complain that I want to own a house. Because: dude. Like, my entire apartment flooded and I didn't have to pay for anything.)

    By the way, since when do they make you pay for city street upgrades like that? Why have I never heard of the city doing that before?

  2. Mary: Thanks for the hugs. Yes, it's a nice investment but a huge pain in the behind. You are smart to wait. Possibly forver.

    Also, the street thing? Always the way. City pays half the cost, the people on the street pay the rest. depends on how much your property touches the street. Woohoo for corner lots.

  3. Hmm, I'm also naive to these things as I'm a renter as well. What does the city do if you can't magically make $1500 appear out of thin air?

  4. The lovely jerks add it to your mortgage. For a mere extra $700. Poor people get the shaft.

  5. I'm with you on the life sucks front. I wish I was going to vegas.


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