Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You can take the lady out of the South...

Today, I sat down for a bowl of grapefruit. I didn't enjoy it much as a kid, but now I love it. Ever since I worked summers for a couple from Florida. I had fresh squeezed orange juice (which I didn't know came from actual oranges, but thought rather it was from concentrate) and an abundance of grapefruits.

They prepared grapefruit in a way I had never seen. They started off by peeling the grapefruit. Not like you do an orange with your fingers, but with a knife so all the white skin and membrane parts were off too. Then they removed section by section with a knife. Afterwards, they squeezed the remainder of the juice into the bowl and sprinkled a small amount of sugar on it. With no rind or anything, it was so sweet you hardly knew it was grapefruit.

They had a lot of influence on how we eat fruit. Like mixing blueberries and cantaloupe or grapes and chicken salad. The lady was also adamant that you had to wash fruit very carefully. Her reasoning? "You never know if those Mexicans have peed on it."

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