Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why do I punish myself?

I am watching the first episode of this years American Idol. It is not good. And yet, I watch. In abject horror.


  1. It really was completely awful. I only watched a half hour, and I just couldn't manage to look at it. I literally sat there with my eyes closed, face scrunched up in dismay. It's time for American Idol to just stop and go away. They've gone too far.

  2. Yeah, it really wasn't very good, was it? It was like it had no inspiration. And I hated how they kept harping on the rags to riches theme with ex crack babies and girls with jailed fathers. I managed to knit one-third of a scarf while it was on, though, so it was good for something.

  3. That's true, it was good for something. I scanned a ton of pictures into my computer. Not an entire waste.


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