Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Label-y things

I don't like my labels. I threw them together when I switched to Beta and I wish I had known you couldn't edit them or delete them.

I capitalized some things and not others. I use "things" and "stuff" ad nauseum. I mean, I wrote the label "funny things". Come on. If you label it as "funny", it probably isn't.

Some of them I love. "crazy Grandma stories" is classic. "Dumb things I've done"? Well, it just applies to so much. "Ranting at things" is self-explanatory.

The main problem is trying to update all my past posts with labels. There are Grandma stories I haven't got on the list. But the system is so messed, it takes for blinking forever to get it done. I will work on it again eventually, I'm sure. But for now?

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  1. I was JUST having this conversation with myself this afternoon. Hindsight, eh?


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