Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shopping, eating, blogging. Who needs therapy?

It was a bad week at work. I ended up doing overtime three out of four days. Which is almost unheard of. And every time I picked up the phone, it was to deal with the worst possible calls ever.

How does one deal with that? Why, by dumping her diet, her budget, and her plans and heading to Wal-Mart, thank you. The second day, after completing the most particularly horrid call, I wandered Wal-Mart until I calmed down. Then I sat at home with the dogs, watching Bob Saget, eating Cheese Puffs, pretzels, and drinking Coke.

The next day, I hit Dollarama. And I realized two things. Shopping lowers my blood pressure. And next time I need shopping therapy, Dollarama is the way to go. I filled my basket and it only cost $6. Wal-Mart? $75

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