Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sad news

One of our favourite puppies died today. No, not Monty or Vicki - they are fine. Stop panicking. But, their brother, Phil, was hit by a car today walking on the counrty road with his two young master-esses. (Mistresses just didn't sound right.)

So, to celebrate Phil's life, here's a pic of him as a puppy. His tale is wagging really fast. He was so cute. I am sad he is gone. But I kissed all my puppies, so now I feel better.


  1. No no no. No more sad news, not on a Monday, and not first thing.

  2. oh, poor Phil...well, he can play with Sophie so that's good news. I was worried Soph would be getting lonely because Sandy is hanging onto this side for dear life (pun intended)


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