Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mouth open, Brain off

I was sleeping this morning when my cell phone rang. I'd worked last night so I decided to ignore it. It rang and rang and rang. So I figured it was one of my siblings.

I stumbled out into the kitchen, grabbed my phone and said "Did it dawn on you after the 15th ring that maybe I wasn't going to answer it?"

A man's voice chuckled and said, "No actually, it hadn't. Maybe I have the wrong number."

He did.


  1. I'm making you my new answering service. All of my unanswered calls will be re-routed to you. It will be awesome.

  2. I hate those middle of the night phone calls - especially wrong numbers!! But at least you made him chuckle.

  3. Maybe he was hot, and single. Boreanaz? It could happen!


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