Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Puppy plots

I've been on nights lately. Which means, most of my day is spent sleeping on the couch, because the dogs are bored in my room. Last night, I couldn't sleep (napping til 4 pm will do that to a girl) and today I slept til about 2pm. I left the back door open so the dogs could go in and out without bothering me.

I woke up and realized Vicki was no where in the house. I went outside and there are three new holes in my backyard. Two in my rocks by the patio and one in the middle of my new (as of last fall) lawn.

Isn't it nice that she helped me dig enough graves?


  1. I love Vicki so much. I wonder what goes through her head while she's digging. Or what Monty's thinking when he brings a toy to every person that comes into our house.
    Sigh. Puppies are so much awesomer than babies.

  2. The best thing about them is you don't need a sperm donar to get one. I think I might get a puppy one of these days.

  3. LOL

    I bet Vicky feels very, very bad about what she did. Give her a bone and pat her on the head.

    Before you bury her, I mean.



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