Saturday, September 30, 2006

It must be the time of year

Someone commented the other day that I seem sad. That my writing seems sad. They are not wrong, but I have noticed an interesting trend amoungst the blogger world. Lots of us are sad right now. It ranges from mildly sad to outright depressed. Which makes me think - if it's not just me, I wonder what the problem is?

I have been a little low lately. Work politics have been exhausting this month. Stress of home and Dad and the sale of his place and the care of the dogs and financial worries and all that are really weighing down on me. And yet, I'm not entirely sure that's it, really.

I'm worried about money (as always) because when you come from having just enough money and never enough at the same time - it is always a concern. I crave stability and yet cannot seem to provide it for myself. I'm worried about my house and the things I need (and want) to do with it, but have no knowledge of how to do anything. I worry about Dad and his place and his upcoming nuptials. I'm worried for my siblings and my dogs and my coworkers. It's funny that I have learned to separate myself from work issues, but not from personal issues.

But my plan is to ignore it for now. I will keep looking for humour amidst the dulldrome and just keep going until I'm all happy again.

Either that or I will just eat chips.


  1. Could be S.A.D seasonal affective disorder. It gets to me at times too..when you know there is a cold winter approaching and the days grow should look into one of those light boxes and see if that helps..I've been thinking about it too...couldn't hurt! :) Even a doctor told me once that he just had one if those light boxes at his desk that his wife used. He felt fine but he would read in the morning at his desk and just turned on the light box instead of a normal a couple of week he said he felt like a million buck..and he thought he was fine before! hahah!

  2. I tend to worry about everyone to the point of continuous nausea. I don't know if that's what gets me depressed, or if it's depression that causes it. At any rate, I completely sympathize.

    Try a bottle of wine and a great movie to take your mind off things...

  3. I have the same stuff going on, although I know most of the reasoning in my case. I truly am concerned about what's ahead for me, healthwise and financially. Just had to sell my car because I can't afford it (had to cut back work to part time and SS disability could take god knows how long to get approved). BikeHunk is helping me as much as possible, but he's not a money tree.

    But I'm working very hard to be mindful that my illness and my finances do not encompass who I AM. I might end up living at the YMCA, but I still need to be true to who I am first.

    Easier said than done, but one day at a time, you know? Hang in there kiddo.

  4. Krissie: you may be right. I usually sit out in the sun with the pups in the afternoon. We haven't had much sun to sit in as of late.

    Kefla: Now that is an idea. Of course, it will more likely be a Coke and The Cutting Edge, but it will work just the same!

    Evil G: Dude, you totally win. I'm rooting for you. Hope things get better.


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