Saturday, September 30, 2006

The sound of silence

I love silence. Some people don't understand it, but I relish in the quiet. When Lyn isn't home, it is rare for me to have the TV on or music or anything of the sort. I have driven 10 hours by myself with no music on. I love silence. I crave it. I need it to maintain this incredible good humour of mine. And yet, I am constantly surrounded by people who need background noise.

I find it wearying.


  1. ME TOO!!! But my fiance is the exact opposite (except when we're working during the day, thankfully). But at all other times the TV must be blaring, whether he's watching or not, and it drives me to distraction.

  2. Of course I also love quiet. I'm my father's daughter like that. (And my grandfather's granddaughter.) This is why I take a lot of naps at Christmastime, when I'm at my inlaws' house. Constant sound is so tiring.

  3. I love people noise, but not so much with the thing noise. Especially when I am working or doing something. Or playing scrabble on-line, but whatever.

  4. I like the soothing drone of music in the background that I'm not really paying attention to. To me, it prevents me from hearing annoying house creaks or people outside BSing, etc.


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