Friday, September 08, 2006

Act Naturally

Whenever I want to do something and look suave - or at least not like a spazz - I end up embarrassing myself. It is always the way. If I'm trying to look like I don't care - like I'm too cool for school, I'm going to trip and fall. Or walk into something. Or a good combination of both.

In highschool, I was going up to the front to put an equation on the board. I wrote the equation, I was super proud of how smart I was, I turned to go back to my desk (all very smug in my brilliantness) and I stepped directly into the garbage can.

Yes, I did date in highschool. Eventually.


  1. I think we must be related. Everything thinks I'm trying to do slapstick comedy whenever I fall down for no reason or run into things. But I'm totally not. It's just the freakish human being I am.

  2. I walked into a post once checking out a guy in junior high (I was in junior high too..I'm not a pedophile)


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