Thursday, August 17, 2006

Healing old wounds

There is a mental illness coded in the DSM IV that I have always found interesting. With this particular malady, it is where one illness affects two people. Two people who are independently mentally ill get together and suddenly one or both of their illnesses seems to exponentially deteriorate. Separate them and they return to a more "normal" level of functioning. It is called folie a deux and I have seen it happen in clients. Little did I know, I too was a victim to it.

G and I have been friends for years. Since we were kids. Although, when we were kids we hated each other and spent much time torturing each other with the help of the other's sibling. But, in our teens and early twenties, this dissipated and we became friends. Then we started dating, fought terribly, did horrible things to hurt each other and broke up. Repeat cycle two years later. Friends, dating, evil, breakup.

This last week, G and I got to talk again for the first time since our explosive end. We got talking and sorted out the things that had happened and apologized and set it right. However, this is where my revelation came. We are best friends. However, dating we become these horrible evil people who torture each other and bring out the worst in each other. Hmmm. Sounds familiar? Separate us and we go back to an equilibrium of the better people we are. Thus, my declaration that dating we are a disaster which can only be compared with natural disasters which destroy everything in our path. Apart, we are friends.

Although, upon hearing G and I are speaking again I received mixed reactions. Well, no... Not mixed at all. Most people asked if I had any idea what I was doing. My brother said if we dated again he would kill me (and I do not doubt this for a moment). However, my favourite reaction is from Janny, who upon hearing we were travelling together alone, said "If they think they are doing that to us again, they are sadly mistaken."

Don't worry friends. I have learned my lesson.

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