Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Visit to Grandma's house

Just like Red Riding Hood, I try to make it to Grandma's house on occasion. This weekend, enroute to the lake, Lyn and I stopped at Grandma's place to see how she was doing.

First, we got there at 9:30pm. Grandma was in her apartment which was about 27 degrees (about 81 or so F degrees... I think.) There wasn't a window open in the place. Even the dog was trying to figure out how to open a window. Grandma immediately tried to feed us despite us telling her that we had eaten already. Pizza, fruit and cheezies, immediately appeared. Then candy and salt water taffy were offered. We did eat the cherries but that was all we could force down to make Grandma happy.

We played minute scrabble and visited. Lyn found out she might actually LIKE this form of scrabble. I am so close to getting her to play with me!! Grandma can still make words and stuff, but it was slow going sometimes. Like reminding her that "it" was a word.

When we were getting ready for bed, Grandma came in to chat for awhile. I have to admit, it was very distracting because she didn't have her teeth in and her nose was touching her chin. It was odd. Like when you become old, your face just starts to sink inwards until all the parts can touch at the same time.

We had told Grandma we were going to get up at 9am to be on the road by 9:30. The next morning, at 8:56 Grandma came in to make sure we hadn't overslept. Sigh. She just can't help herself. But now I know where Mom got it from - that woman sucked at least three hours of sleep from me over the years in 2 minute intervals.

We also stopped in to see Grandma on the way back. Again, we couldn't leave without her trying to give us something. When I said no to supper and candy, she looked all hurt and said I never let her give us anything. We left with two apples and a red pepper.

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  1. Oh Bron, that was such a funny story!! I love your gramma! My gramma talks to me without her teeth in too..it IS very distracting...but what's more distracting...my dad talking to me without his teeth in...I've seen it once and I dropped to my knees laughing..picture it...MY dad..that's like me not being able to look at Andy Snoke without remembering the story Nick told me about his dad fighting off a bat in their living room with the end of a vacuum and wearing only tightie whities...sigh...


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