Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just noticed this. "Therapist" is a horrible word. If I was a male counsellor, I would avoid this word at all costs. Freud came up with this word. I'd bet you.


  1. Haven't you seen that Jeopardy?

    Hey!! Your banner is up! Looking good.

  2. No apparently I missed that one. And I love those.

    Thanks! I figured it out to the best of my ability. My friend is letting me use his web design program later this week, so it may not stay like this. It's going to be AWESOME. (Yes, I am a dork. Shut up.)

  3. Have you seen the Arrested Devp. in which Tobias tries to smoosh "analyst" and "therapist" together?

  4. I had forgotten about that. Frick, I love that show.

  5. I thought of that afterwards. Dang that is funny stuff. Tobias always came up with the worst things to say like that.


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