Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Forever or not

Do you have a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you? Why?

When my mom first got sick, she decided to buy each one of us kids a piece of jewelry. Something that meant something important to her and to the person. Something to remember her and have as a tangible object of her love. She and a friend of hers scoured the city looking for pieces of jewelry as individual as each relationship.

Mine was a locket. Heart-shaped with little rhinestones on it. Silver, because everything I have was silver. Delicate chain, sturdy heart. It was beautiful in it's own way. It came with a note from Mom and it's own purple velvety box. I wore it everyday. For the next year while she was sick and then after she died.

It went through hell, that necklace. I broke the chain twice by forgetting to take it off when I went to sleep. The locket was eaten by the neighbour's dog, Lexi. (That is how I really got to know KB. Nothing brings a group closer than sifting through dog poop.) It was cleaned, but a rhinestone was missing (Lexi has the sparkliest intestines in the business.) I even wore it after that.

I would hold it in my fingers and trace the outline of the inscription with my thumb. It was a comfort and a steadying piece for me. I lost it. Almost two years ago. While walking the dog. I had it when I left, but not when I returned. I searched the whole neighbourhood for it. I continue to do so on occasion.

I bought a replacement for it a few months later because I found out they had discontinued the pattern. It wasn't the same. This necklace has the same inscription and the same little box and sits in a drawer. Untouched.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you lost that locket..that's sad. My mom gave me a ring of hers when I was a teen. It used to be hers when she was young too. I wore it all the time..then one day, after picking peas in the garden I realized it was not on my finger anymore..it's somewhere in the dirt at Sharon Schools...boooo.

  2. It's so going to be like the Lost Diamond in the Emily series and some day, some little girl at camp is going to find it and it will mean so much to her. Maybe if you think of it that way, it won't be so sad.

    My thing from mom is a ring that I can't wear because it doesn't fit. I used to wear it on a string around my neck but then people started calling it "the one ring" and calling me Frodo, so I stopped.


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