Thursday, June 01, 2006

Say what?

Today as I was walking the dogs, a girl on a bike came up to me and said the strangest thing.

"Hey, Mister Lady. You have a lot of dogs. Four." And then she peddled away.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Now this would have been cute if she had been 3 and on a tricycle, but this girl was at least 10. So, the fact she could count to 4 was not that impressive. Also, apparently they have ceased to teach gender identification at school. Because she called me "Mister Lady". Not like she noticed her mistake and tried to seamlessly fix it, but rather she was just covering her bases.

I have to stop being the crazy person who walks 4 dogs. I'm getting a reputation.

As a hermaphrodite.


  1. I am going to call you "Mister Lady" from now on.

  2. Well, 'hermaphrodite' may be better than the label Ky applied to me once. I believe the term used was 'andrognynous'. Bron, I think you and I need to take Ky, and dump her in a lake.

  3. Actually, Matt, I didn't say "androgynous." I said "asexual." Like a tapeworm. I figured that to reproduce, you'd just slice yourself in half, and grow two new yous out of the halves.

  4. Thanks, Ky, that makes me feel so much better. Now, I'm definitely going to have to throw you into a body of water.

  5. Matt and Ky, you're wonderful. And Bronwyn, that's the best story ever. :)

  6. Out of the mouths of slightly gender confused babes who can't count past four...

    At least you weren't walking cats. I have no idea why I find that thought funny. Probably because I haven't had any coffee yet.


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