Monday, May 29, 2006


Nothing like coming home exhausted after a long night shift (where you had none of your coveted alone time b/c the damn morning person came in at 5am) to find the pups all waiting for you like sweet babies. Then to climb into a warm bed in a cool room and cuddle down to drift to sleep and realize the blanket smells funny.
Wait! The whole bed smells funny.
And is damp. Oh NO.
No, please, no.
It's true. Monty peed on my bed. 6 times. And I just layed down in it. Ohmigosh.
So, after being exhausted from my night and just waiting to fall asleep, I had to strip my bed (and my pjs), re-make my bed and clean up and then eventually get to go to sleep. Stupid dogs. One good thing, though. I do enjoy fresh sheets.

The good surprise didn't come until this afternoon. I woke up and went out to the kitchen table where Lyn had put my birthday present. She and Ky had ordered it and it didn't arrive in time (which meant I got two b/c she bought me XMen 2 as well!!). But now it is here. It is glorious. It is... Young Riders!!!!
I watched Young Riders when I was in Grade 8. (Keep in mind that was 1989, so this was a while ago) It's a great show about the Pony Express and it started a deep love for Stephen Baldwin. He still remains my favourite despite never being in anything more intellectual than Bio-Dome.

Also, I got a surprise birthday card from Kristin. In it was a package of "Man Seeds" so I can grow my own man!! I absolutely howled when I saw it. Although, I had to pull my mind out of the gutter at first! But, I love the gift. Thanks Kristin!!


  1. Oh good you got it!!! Peelarious! I was going to go to the gutter with it as well but I figured if anyone else would catch that it would be you!

  2. I immediately went to the gutter. Lyn did too. It was a good choice.


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