Sunday, May 28, 2006

Moving, dogs and other tidbits

It's been a few days. I had posted on Friday, but something was screwed with Blogger, so it didn't get out. Oh well. I put it up now. Pretend you are reading it from days ago.

This weekend was pretty busy. I drove up to help Ky move from her rental place to the new place that Shannon just purchased. I am sore all over now. After 6 hours of strenuous lifting and hauling, every muscle I own is in rebellion. Signs of old age is when you help someone move one day and the next day you can't move yourself. But, the good news is I finally have a kitchen table... not that I will use it for anything but holding plants, mail and the copious amount of magazines I have accidentally become the recipient of.

I have decided to sell the dogs. All of them. Dead or alive, I have ceased to care. They cry and whine and bark and fight and scratch and bite and bark and annoy me and beg and I hate them all. And we still have 3 full weeks of all four dogs in the house. Madison may never forgive me for bringing this chaos into her life. Lyn may never forgive me for the amount of Reactine she is having to ingest to allow her to breathe. I have decided there was something much easier about having fish.

Shannon's Mom teased that the dogs are just preperation for having kids. I told her that if that was the case, I was going to rip out my womb through my belly-button with a crotchet hook. She laughed, but the other people in the room figured they could have lived without the imagery. Meh. I like a good image.

I am working nights with someone who annoys me. I am restraining myself from screaming ad nauseum and banging my head on the desk. But I am on union leave for one of my shifts and thus get a short reprieve.

If the dogs keep me awake tomorrow when I need to sleep, I will commit mass caninocide.


  1. Fantastic imagery. Especially since crochet hooks are great for home-made abortions. (Which often result in sterility.) So, your metaphor was super successful.

    I too like a good image.

  2. That is an awesome image. Although, I wouldn't be so appreciative if you actually did it. But very effective.

  3. I know, wouldn't that be so gross? It's an amazing image, but not so much for the following through.


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