Friday, May 26, 2006

And another one

Today is my brother's birthday. The Boy is 2 years and a day younger than me. My parents thought this would be a great idea. (And explained to me later how difficult it was to plan... ew)

All sharing a birthday really did, though, was ensure I had to share my birthday party with him until I was 12. This meant a lot of bowling. I beat him up a lot for this until he outgrew me when he was 14.

It has also meant that I get a lot of "Happy Birthday"s one day late. People tend to remember his birthday and then go "Oh, no! Bronwyn's was yesterday". Yeah. Way to steal my spotlight. Turd. Like always.


  1. One of my sisters is 3 years (minus 2 days) younger than me. Yup, that's right. Younger, but her birthday is TWO FREAKIN DAYS before mine. And, she's a total spotlight hog. Grrr... Whenever we would celebrate birthdays as a family, it would always be "Happy Birthday Sarah and Julia..." I hardly ever got my own birthday song, and she was always such a be-yotch. So, B, Happy Birthday to you, and not to your brother. He can sit on a tack for being born within 24 hours of YOUR birthday!

  2. Ha! That is awesome. Good that someone else understands my pain. Thanks for the seperate song. And when the time comes, I will sing seperately to you too!


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