Thursday, May 25, 2006

Birthday girl

That's me. Aren't I cute? That is my favourite pic of Mom and me. IT was before my 1st birthday, so I am pretty sure it was the last pic I was truly happy with!!

I thought I would celebrate my birthday by doing absolutely nothing. So far, it's worked great. I slept in, went out and layed in the sun (whilst reading and throwing the ball for the dogs), went for a dessert with a good friend and her Mom, came home and walked the dogs and now I plan to do more lounging.

Tonight there is supper with my Auntie Marj and LynnieC and Crazybarefeet. Then perhaps more dessert. And maybe a movie. Or shopping. Or more food. Apparently for my birthday, I am giving myself an extra 10 pounds!
That's another of me and the sibs. Ah, the 80's - a time of bad fashion and worse hair. I'm in the top left, The Boy (my brother) in the top right, LynnieC is in the bottom left and Ky is bottom right. The stone figures are not related.


  1. Happy Birthday girl!!!!....and what a way to celebrate....good on you!!!! I KNEW you'd be fine...'cause I made it!!!

  2. At least you were wearing some colour. Bad 80s fashion aside, Stacy and Clinton would be proud.

  3. Regan really liked your pirate blouse Bron. And she thinks I'm a ham. Rightly so.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Kel, I forgot you were celebrating the same time as me. Happy 30th!!!

    Shannon: yeah, what's with the rest of them all in gray and white?

    LynnieC: tell Regan she's just jealous. The suit was suede and the floopy neck thingy detatched on the pirate blouse. I was HOTT. And you are a ham. I should post up all the pics of you posing like that!

  5. Hey, Lyn's in green, and I'm in cream and pink!

    Lyn totally was the ham. Look at her coyly showing a little skin there.

  6. Ky, those are not colours that pop.

  7. You would die Bron if I could show you a pic of little Pete....spittin image of G!!!! Freaky actually....


  8. Where is that outfit from....oh right! Paul Revere and the Raiders....hee hee! I love that pic of you and your mom..your mom looks so proud of her little baby!!

  9. happy b-day bron!

    would have wished you so earlier...but i was out being hedonistic instead.



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