Friday, May 12, 2006

Story of a name

Since anonyboy has discovered the meaning of my name, (don't cheat and look it up if you don't know) I thought I would regale everyone with the story. I mean, it will come out in the wash sooner or later.

I have always been proud of my name. It's original and weird and starts all sorts of conversation. Mostly the conversation is "Is that your first name or your last name?" First. "Are you sure?" Um, yeah, pretty sure. "Spell it for me." "Say that again?"

When I was in Grade 5 (about 10 years old), our class had a thing where you search for the meaning of your name and put it up on the wall for everyone to see. I was so excited. Finally, I would get to know where this fantastic Celtic name came from and what it means. I searched all the books (there was no fancy internet searching back then) and discovered it. Bronwyn means "milky white breasts". WHAT??? I was devastated. At 10, I knew I would not live through the mocking I would receive. So, I made up an other meaning, wrote it up and stuck it on the wall.

I have since looked up the many different meanings of Bronwyn. There are two versions. The first that I discovered in my youth and the second (which my mother swears is why she picked it) is in Old English and means "fair skinned beauty". Sure, Mom, sure. That's why you found it in a Harlequin Romance novel.

People wonder why I am warped. It started long before I had any control over it.


  1. I'm not sure why, but this post reminded me that there's a band named skillet.

    Is the 'o' in Bronwyn pronounced like the 'a' in 'wall' or the 'o' in 'goal'?

  2. It's pronounced "Brawn-win"

  3. I think it very appropraite that you have a boobtastic name.

  4. Wow. Anonyboy shares music taste with our friend Derek.

  5. Janny, I think it's appropriate too. I mean, really. But let's not discuss my chest any more than we have to. Not that I mind, I'm just sure others would prefer not.

  6. QoWP: And Mark and Terra. They have matching Skillet T-shirts (or they used to, anyway).

  7. I like my name meaning, too. No, not the initials, the actual name. "House of Singing Joy". How cool is that?


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