Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Real conversation

(alternate title: "Why there is a Canadian Tire employee who is slightly afraid of me.")

(on phone to Dad while shopping for a garden fork)
I think I found one, it's a little shorter than we wanted but it looks like it will work.
Dad: How strong is it?
May-B: Well, I could plunge* it into someone's rib cage if I had to.

This is the point where I hear a gasp and then a giggle. I turn and there is a staff person right behind me. This is why I shouldn't be allowed out in public.

*spelling error changed


  1. Garden fork? Does that come with a garden spoon and knife?
    Is that what they are calling pitch forks these days?

  2. As much as someone may want to have me committed for saying this(or for many other bizarre things I do),... somedays I would actually pay money to live in your world!!! ...others...not so much...


  3. Ohhhh, May-B... You are so funny! I think I would crack up if I was the person on the other side of the shelf from you. And besides, is "plung" a real word? If not, it definitely should be!

  4. How do you know the length(and tensile strength) needed to plunge a garden for into a rib cage? And what kind of a rib cage? Fat lady from the opera? Skinny kid with pimples that works there but knows nothing? Old man with next to no flesh on him?


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