Friday, April 07, 2006

Travelling woman

I'm in Red Deer again. This time I drove out by myself. I had a good day of listening to "screw that guy" music and then overly romantic music. That combined with three Tim's along the way... I was a happy girl. I like driving by myself a lot. Although, I then don't have people to make my funny remarks to. Which I really need to have. Do you have any idea how many great puns there are out there just waiting to be shared??

Other things I thought were:
  • I love driving through the prairies - its like being on a treadmill in your car. You can drive for 6 hours and the scenery never changes. Awesome.
  • I sometimes look at the hills and valleys when I am driving and imagine how the glacier moved to create them.
  • I saw at least 100 pickup trucks parked on the side of the road at Outlook. I thought it was a rodeo, but then I realized it was an auction. Still it amused me to see that many trucks.
  • I think WAY to much about what songs I would sing for American/Canadian Idol and will never get to live my dream b/c I am 49 days from being 30.


  1. Hahahahahaha! A treadmill for your car! That is awesome Bronwyn.

  2. a. dude, you'd better explain "tim's" to the american reader.

    b. I totally do the glacier thing, too!!!

  3. Good point. It does sound like I had a few random guys on the trip. Not entirely true. Welcome, sure, but not true. Tim's is "Tim Horton's" coffee chain. I like the tea. XL, double, double, extra cup. Clear now?

  4. I love how Canadian you are, May-B. You used "double double" to explain how it is that you had three Tims.

  5. XL double double extra cup? I'm so confused. I assumed Tim's was booze and not guys.

  6. Tim's is tea. Not booze. I would never drink and drive. Actually, I would never drink. And XL double double in an xtra cup is how I order my tea.


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